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Sumbit to FYChevelle...You Know You Want To

Hello Chevellions! If you love the band Chevelle, please follow! I love Pete, Sam, Dean (and even Joe!) Anything Chevelle related will be reblogged.
Come here for all things Point #1, Wonder What's Next?, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), Vena Sera, Sci-Fi Crimes, and Hats Off to the Bull!
This blog is dedicated to my favorite band because there is not enough Chevy Love on Tumblr! Enjoy!
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Well if I don’t surface soon I may never

5 months ago
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Show me your ‘La Gargola’ photos! Lemme see those t-shirts and your excited faces holding up the new album!

6 months ago
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In case you haven’t noticed/heard, there is a new Chevelle song on Spotify! 

Listen and tell me whatcha think.

(Source: Spotify)

6 months ago
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In case you haven’t heard, Chevelle’s new song (“Take Out the Gunman”) is on Spotify. Listen up!

(Source: Spotify)

7 months ago
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You Guys, It’s Our Favorite Drummer’s Birthday!!!!!

It’s Sam Loeffler’s birthday today! Submit b-day messages to the blog and send them to Sam at samloeffler@getmorechevelle.com! Happy birthday, Sammy! We love ya!

9 months ago
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The one and only, Peter Loeffler. (from Chevelle’s official facebook page)

The one and only, Peter Loeffler. (from Chevelle’s official facebook page)

9 months ago
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rissabeex said: Where's send the pain below? ): it would make my blog perfff <3

I’m on it.

9 months ago
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Sam got here just in time for lunch and he brought La Gargola!

6 months ago
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La Gárgola by Chevelle
6 months ago
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Chevelle’s new single “Take Out The Gunman” is now streaming on getmorechevelle.com!


8 months ago
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Happy Birthday, Dean Bernardini!

Enjoy it, Dean-o!

Love, FYChevy!

9 months ago
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colorfulrejoinder said: Sam and Dean's birthdays approach! Any blog plans?

Aaaah! I need to do something special, especially since I’ve been slacking on this blog. I am open to any and all suggestions!

9 months ago
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Much like suffocating…

9 months ago
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